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During operations involving the presence or suspected presence of H2S in reservoir fluids or process pipework, the consequences of a release to atmosphere of H2S can result in fatalities or injury to personnel. Breathing air cascade systems with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) including Emergency Escape Sets with service personnel support should be deployed to protect personnel in the area.

Sabre Safety provides breathing air and gas detection systems with technical and training support to ensure a safe working environment should a release of H2S occur.
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H2S Services

Supplied Air
Breathing Air Systems

Cascade systems are deployed to ensure personnel at risk from exposure to H2S have available a safe and reliable supply of breathable air. ... More
Gas Detection Systems
Gas Detection Systems

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H2S Services Personnel

Our most important resource is our personnel. Recruiting the right caliber of person is paramount and all our field engineers have... More